The Impact of Recent Hurricanes:

Key Insights from Loss Adjuster Martin Goddard

Martin Goddard at TIB Barbados


As we gear up for hurricane season, it’s crucial to be prepared and well-informed. We recently had the privilege of learning from experienced loss adjuster Martin Goddard of Martin Goddard Adjusting & Surveying Ltd about the aftermath of severe hurricanes, and here are some key takeaways that we want to share with you:

🌀 We can’t know everything, but we must try to anticipate what we can: Hurricanes bring forth various challenges, from powerful winds and flooding from heavy rainfall to storm surges. The storm’s forward speed can also influence the extent of the damage.

🌍 Recent history has shown the profound impact of hurricanes: Notably, three of the ten most powerful Atlantic hurricanes on record have occurred since 2017—Hurricanes Irma, Maria, and Dorian—and have left lasting imprints on affected regions like Dominica, Barbuda, Anguilla, St Maarten, BVI, and The Bahamas. Their experiences inform our preparedness strategies.

🛍️ Be prepared for serious shortages, delays and disruptions: Expect delays, restricted movement and chaotic travel. Limited power, communication disruptions, closed banks and stores make it challenging to access funds and cash, and to connect with staff, clients, or insurers. Alternative means of communication, such as satellite phones and two-way VHF radios, might need to be considered to remain accessible and responsive. Strict curfews are imposed, and soldiers from various Caribbean countries often participate in security efforts. Many checkpoints restrict movement for safety purposes. Major hurricanes often lead to widespread looting.

💼 The Claims Process is our focus: We urge clients to document damage by taking numerous photos of damaged items immediately following the event. Take prompt action to minimize your loss and salvage what you can immediately, even without waiting for insurers or adjusters to inspect the damage, if necessary. Create a separate hurricane expense account for any expenditures incurred due to the storm, obtain repair estimates/replacement costs as soon as possible and meticulously document damages in preparation of your claim – these are pivotal steps to minimize the chaos in the aftermath of a severe hurricane. We will advocate for your interests, striving for a seamless and expedited claims resolution process.

🔒 We emphasize the importance of proactive preparation: A comprehensive, written, and well-rehearsed Hurricane contingency plan before the hurricane will ensure the recovery process is as smooth as possible following a major storm.


At Tomlin Brokers, we are driven by our dedication to your well-being. As we navigate the upcoming hurricane season, remember that our knowledge, experience, and unwavering support are here to protect what matters most to you. Stay safe, stay prepared!