Commercial Insurance
Tailored for the Caribbean Company

At Tomlin Brokers, we sit on your side of the table
with an emphasis on innovative and personalized service.

We are Tomlin Insurance Brokers

An independent commercial insurance broker with over 30 years experience in corporate insurance and risk management in the Caribbean.


We know the markets, legislation, and best practices

We use our expertise in commercial insurance and risk management and act on your behalf. We provide advice in the interest of our clients, leveraging our network of insurance providers to get you the best coverage at the best price.

What are the benefits of
using an Insurance Broker?

We are proud of our independence –  We do not have the pressures of working with a parent company or partner broker who might not necessarily have the expertise needed for our clients.
By being independent,  our success is based only on exceeding our client’s expectations. We have the freedom to work for our clients securing the best terms, conditions, expertise, and coverage.

What makes us
stand out

Clients trust us.
We are there to help you to make the tough decisions and negotiate any claims. We are not afraid to have difficult conversations with insurance companies that may pose a problem with claims.
We are here to advise, assist and support you.

What do we
stand for?

– Do what’s right always
– Engage a client-focused strategy
– Ask questions every day
– Provide solutions to the client and insurer.
– Work hard & play hard. Work-life balance, especially family, is important to our team.

Why do we concentrate on
commercial business?

Large, complex risks are our specialty.

We add value to large businesses in coverage, identifying and managing the various risks, providing self- insurance options, helping with claims, and finding that specialized market to write the business.

At Tomlin Insurance Brokers, we specialise in commercial insurance. We know that no two companies are the same, and the types of coverage our clients need vary greatly. Using our experience, we have developed an approach that we take with each client – ensuring timely and effective management and critical response.

the tomlin approach

  1. Gather information, assessing your unique risk profile and insurance needs.
  2. Research your industry while staying current with changes in the insurance industry, especially in the Caribbean.
  3. Negotiate the best policies at the best price after collating the various policies offered by insurance providers.
  4. Make sure that you understand the terms, extent and risks associated with your coverage, and how to reduce the need to make a claim.
  5. Negotiate on your behalf and work closely with you in the event you need to make a claim.
Professional Firms
(Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants)
Hotels, Hospitality
and Leisure
Real Estate and
Property Management
Marine & Aviation
Regional &
International Business

Our unique services

Beyond the customary offerings of an insurance broker, we have distinctive solutions tailored specifically for our clients.

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Hotels, Resorts and Accommodations

Running luxury accommodations like hotels and villas demands a personalized insurance service. These businesses encounter various legal challenges from guests and staff. Many incidents leading to legal action aren’t covered by standard public liability policies or regional hotel programs. We’ve crafted a comprehensive liability policy, providing extensive coverage at competitive prices, specifically addressing the unique risks hotels face.

Risk Analysis

The Tomlin Team distinguishes itself from the standard broker insurance renewal cycle by delivering a thorough examination of the risks your business encounters. We go the extra mile by:

  • Assessing your current risks and comparing them with your existing premiums
  • Evaluating and elucidating the potential implications of new risks.

Residential Protection

As a commercial broker, we were able to use our experience and network to develop an improved homeowner’s policy compared to your average broker or insurance provider.

Group Health

Tomlin Brokers provides straightforward, responsive, and proactive group medical coverage services.
We prioritize understanding your needs and provide transparent renewal terms well in advance. Our regular performance reviews keep you informed. Plus, we’re advocates for preventive care, helping both employees and employers manage long-term health.

A few of the companies we love working with

Meet Your Team

Michael Tomlin

Founder, President

Michael is the Founder and President of Tomlin Insurance Brokers.

Michael founded Tomlin Insurance Brokers in Barbados and Antigua in 2017. Michael has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, beginning at AON in Toronto, Canada, and then at a Caribbean brokerage as a senior management executive. He recognized the opportunity to build a regional business, focusing on insurance solutions and services for Caribbean commercial clients.

Michael has an MBA from the University of Durham and received his Chartered Insurance Professional designation from Canada.

William Tomlin


William Tomlin has spent the last 35 years advising many of the larger business entities in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean for their commercial insurance needs.
He is one of the most technically competent insurance professionals and risk analysts in the region and has strong skills in representing clients and negotiating large claims within the Caribbean.
He sits on the Boards of many of the large Captive Insurance companies domiciled in Barbados.

Rachel Gale

Chief Operating Officer

Rachel worked in various sectors in the UK before returning to Barbados in 2014. Joining TIB in 2019, originally as Operations Manager. She brings cross functional skills to the growing team and is responsible for key areas such as Finance, Human Resources, IT and Compliance. Her main objective is to provide agile and effective support to the client interface. Rachel has a BA in Psychology, a Master’s in Computer Science and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Tiffani Scantlebury

Senior Account Executive

In 2018, Tiffani joined Tomlin Brokers with over eight years experience of experience in the hospitality & tourism sector. Driven by her passion for providing the highest quality in customer service, she completed an MSc in Hospitality & Tourism Development and has brought the knowledge and skills developed during this time to her role of Account Executive. In addition to her primary job functions, Tiffani takes pride in providing service to meet the needs of each client. Clients have recognized her for her commitment to exceeding customer expectations, which is the Tomlin Way.

Andrew Layne

Claims Manager

Andrew joined Tomlin Brokers with over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry; fifteen of those spent as a Senior Claims Assessor at one of the leading P&C insurance companies in the Caribbean.
As Claims Manager, his familiarity with the insurer’s policy wordings, and understanding of technical insurance issues ensure a smooth and hassle free claims experience for Tomlin Insurance Brokers’ clients.
With Andrew, you have a open channel of communication and a dedicated representative to discuss any issues with the relevant parties, answer any technical questions, and negotiate with the insurer on your behalf.

Shaunee Springer

Claims Officer

Shaunée joined the Tomlin team after a successful academic career. Despite her age, she has worked in several industries, including Banking, Marketing, Research and Insurance. Shaunée joined Tomlin in February of 2021, and she works as a Claims Administrator. She brings excellence and experience through her active participation in several Youth Impact organizations. With her welcoming personality, she endeavours to make the claim process as painless as possible. Shaunée's determination is most prominent as she negotiates with insurers to support the company's aim of resolving our client's claim as quickly as possible.

Tonia Belgrave

Accounting Officer

Tonia joined Tomlin Brokers in April 2020 as an Accounting Assistant. With almost ten years working in the banking industry, moving into Insurance was a seamless process. In June of the following year, Tonia was promoted to Accounting Officer because of her passion, initiative, and drive to succeed. Tonia is responsible for managing both client and company funds. She is also the point of contact between the insurers and the Accounts handler for any payment queries.

Ashley Lovell

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Ashley Lovell joined Tomlin Brokers in December 2021 as the Accounts Receivable Clerk and is responsible for receiving and processing client payments and assisting with any payment queries. With administrative experience in various sectors such as auditing, law, and events, she brings strong office experience and is always ready to learn something new.

Ashley values providing exemplary service and ensures she brings her positive attitude to the Tomlin team.

Cherise Hinds

Junior Account Executive

In December 2022, Cherise joined Tomlin as an Administrative Assistant to the broking team. Leaning on her natural ability to develop meaningful relationships with clients and insurers, Cherise rapidly became a valued team member and has recently transitioned into her new role as Junior Account Executive. With her warm personality and previous experience in the life insurance industry, Cherise is passionate about bringing value to clients.

Serena Gunby

Account Executive Health

Serena started her career in The Netherlands. She has specialized in customer relations, sales, and health insurance for the past sixteen years. She relocated to Barbados and joined our Account Executive Health team. Serena is proud to set up and shape this new division. Serena believes in maintaining relationships, being customer-oriented, and having a great sense of responsibility. Efficiently determining customers' needs and being reliable are strengths from which her clients benefit.

Rhonda Adamson

Compliance Administrator

Rhonda is an experienced administrator with over 15 years of experience in Customer Service and Corporate Compliance. Rhonda has worked as a Corporate Compliance Officer at Elegant Hotels (B'dos) Management Limited and as Head of Corporate Services at Harridyal-Sodha & Associates. She holds certificates in General Insurance and General Management Studies. Outside of work, Rhonda enjoys teaching English as a foreign language. She's a valuable asset to our team with her impressive background and commitment to excellence.

Alex Marshall

Senior Account Executive

In 2023, Alex joined Tomlin Insurance Brokers with a decade of dynamic experience in the Insurance Industry. Holding a BSc in Finance and a Diploma in Insurance from the Insurance Institute of Barbados, Alex has excelled in regional underwriting and reinsurance, demonstrating proficiency in managing substantial commercial accounts. As a Senior Account Executive, he combines his wealth of industry knowledge with a personable nature to deliver not only sound insurance advice but also a superior customer experience.

Dushanna Andrews

Junior Account Executive

Dushanna joined the Tomlin Team in October 2023 as Junior Account Executive with 5+ years customer service experience in the insurance industry. With this experience Dushanna has quickly settled into her new role and has started to liaise with her assigned clients; she prides herself in being responsive to clients and maintaining positive relationships with industry stakeholders.

Angela Mason

HR and Office Administrator

Angela joined us in December 2023 as HR & Office Administrator, with 6 years of experience in the Banking & Finance Industry and over 4 years in HR Administration. She is passionate about making an impact on nurturing a positive work environment, professional development and being proactive. She holds certificates in Management of Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management and Office Administration. Outside of work, Angela enjoys creative hobbies such as scrapbooking, drawing, and nail designs.

Shakira Walrond

Administrative Assistant

Shakira joined us in October 2023, bringing with her over 5 years of knowledge and experience in administration. She holds a Certificate of Proficiency in Insurance, providing her with a strong foundational understanding of insurance principles and regulations. Shakira’s strong interpersonal skills and professional approach makes her a valuable addition to the Broking team. She supports her team by exceling in maintaining positive relationships with insurers and clients, ensuring a high level of service and satisfaction while performing her administrative duties. Shakira also has a love for languages and has completed an Associate Degree in French and Italian.

Shaquana Husbands

Administrative Assistant

Shaquana is an optimistic and dedicated administrative assistant with an Associate Degree in Office Administration and Management, contributing invaluable support to our dynamic insurance brokerage. Shaquana believes in hard work and efficiency which has made her a valuable component to the Broking Department. Shaquana possesses a keen eye for detail and excellent time management skills, while thriving in fast-paced environments.

Our Antigua Team

Devaughn Christian

Assistant Broker

With a background in Compliance, Devaughn is responsible for the day-to-day communication with clients from the Antigua Office. He holds a BSc (Hons) Economics and Management and his previous roles in Operations, Customer Service and Compliance make him a great fit with our clients.

Nalinie McDavid

Operations Manager

Bringing extensive experience in Antigua's banking, finance, and insurance sectors, Nalinie McDavid has joined us as Operations Manager. With a Master's in Business Administration and a PMP certification, she is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience.

Yanna Hughes

Client Manager

Yanna Hughes is our new Client Manager, with expertise in finance and risk management. Yanna's credentials in Financial Management (BSc) and in Banking & Finance (MSc) and her commitment to exemplary customer service make her a valuable addition to the team.

Our Network

Tomlin Offices in:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Barbados

Local Relationships established in:

  • Grenada
  • St Lucia
  • St Vincent
  • Dominica
  • St Kitts
  • Anguilla
  • Trinidad

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