As Barbados prepares for Hurricane Elsa, if there is damage to your home, hotel, or commercial property, here is a 6 step guide to help make a claim less stressful for you during the recovery process:


  1. Once the storm has passed, and the Emergency Services gives the ‘all-clear’, start the process of cleaning up your premises and perform any temporary repairs to make sure your business premises are safe.

  2. Maintain an accurate record of the cost of any emergency repairs for submission to your insurance company.

  3. If there is damage to equipment and personal items, keep them in a safe place for inspection by the insurance company’s representative. Insurers must be allowed to inspect and agree on the damages before executing any permanent repairs.

  4. Take photographs of the property damage.

  5. The Tomlin Brokers team is here to assist clients in completing the forms as quickly as possible after the event.

  6. Begin making requests to estimate to repair the damaged property.



The Tomlin Brokers Team is available to help with your claim.  Contact us today to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your hurricane coverage. 

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