At Tomlin Brokers, we’ve broadened our range of services to include Group Medical. Our mission is straightforward: to empower you in building a thriving workforce by guiding you through group medical services without any surprises.


Your Path to Better Coverage and Prices


Step 1: Appoint Us or Discuss Reservations

Appoint us as your preferred broker by signing the Broker of Record letter, allowing us to liaise with your insurance company and secure quotations.

Step 2: Share Your Renewal Letter if at the renewal stage

Your most recent renewal letter is important for gathering information. However, we can begin the transition process at any stage.

Step 3: We Gather Information and Keep You Informed

We’ll contact your current provider to collect the necessary details for your proposals. However, we generally need the following information to provide you with the best advice:

  • Claims experience – at least 3 years and any ongoing large claims
  • The current schedule of benefits
  • Current rates
  • Census of Employees including Gender, Date of birth, number of family members, and retirees

Step 4: Review and Choose

We review proposals, provide comparisons, and offer tailored advice. You have the final say in selecting the provider that best matches your needs.

Step 5: We Place the Desired Program

Leave the paperwork and negotiations to us.

Contact our Group Health executive, Serena Gunby to explore our Group Medical services.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (246) 622 1742

Mobile: (246) 282 9796