It’s June 1st 2022. Hurricane Season 2022 Starts Today. Are You Prepared?


On July 2 2021, Barbados experienced Hurricane Elsa, a Category 1 hurricane that had maximum 1-minute sustained winds of 85 mph(140KM/H). This Cat 1 was also the strongest July hurricane in the Eastern Caribbean since Hurricane Emily in 2005. It was also the fastest moving Atlantic tropical cyclone with speeds of 29pmh (47 KM/H).


Currently for the 2022 Hurricane season, there is a prediction of up to 21 named storms and up to four major hurricanes. Similar predictions were made in 2021, and Barbados experienced Hurricane Elsa.

As your broker, we know how critical it is to plan in the event of a hurricane. We want to remind you of the following:

  • Remember to be up to date on premium payments. If you are behind on any payments, contact us urgently as insurers will not pay claims if premiums are not up to date.
  • Review property values and Business Interruption values (especially considering the recent increase in construction prices). It is critical to insure for replacement cost as Insurers will apply the penalty of average if property is underinsured.


As we all prepare for the next few months of the upcoming 2022 hurricane season, we want to share some of our resources during hurricane season:

Storm Monitoring And Tracking  

National Hurricane Center  
Windy (This app/website shows windspeeds and reasonable estimates of where the storm is going) 

Receiving Official Information In The Event Of An Hurricane in Barbados

GIS (see Facebook and Instagram). This is the most reliable resource for Barbados Government-issued updates
Department of Emergency Management
CAP CAP (Common Alerting Protocol App) for Barbados that can be installed easily on a smartphone

Safeguarding Your Property 

Useful links from our insurance partners (complete with printable PDF guides) for managing your commercial or personal property:
Island Heritage ‘Hurricane Help’ Guide


The Tomlin Team is here to assist. Contact us today to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your hurricane coverage.


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